All (mostly) that is wrong in two paras

From Breitbart:

Court documents revealed Vera met the boy during a 2015 summer school session at Stovall Middle School where she taught. Prior to any sexual misconduct, the inappropriate relationship started over social media.

Uh, oh, social media in the middle of another dust-up… A post for another time…

The boy tried to reach her on Instagram. Vera later messaged him after he missed class. This led to the student asking for her phone number.Vera claimed the boy’s parents supported the relationship and were even happy when she reportedly announced her pregnancy to them.

Give the young man some credit. He has some game. But, I can see the, “it’s all his fault” posts being edited already.  Then there is the deflect/divert tactic, “Vera claimed the boy’s parents supported the relationship…” What the hell does that have to do with anything? Does it make it okay for her to consume this young man like a bag of chips. But wait, oh, he’s only 13 years old. Well he can be tried as an adult, can’t he?

Um, no.

She believed she did nothing wrong because she just fell in love, according to court documents.

Read that a couple of times. Where do we go from there? Mental illness? She’s 25 years old, fer christ’s sake, can’t she do better than a 13 y/o? I bet if she walked into a bar and announced, “I want to have sex, any takers?” the line would form on the left, or maybe they’d just head to the ladies room.

She allegedly had an abortion once school authorities began questioning her about the improper relationship.

This is rich. It was his child too, no? Did she consult him? “…honey, I think we should kill our baby, our child…” Nope. And, once the school authorities start questioning her, shouldn’t she be…. arrested? Go to jail?  If she were a he, and the student was a female, he’d be beaten on the way to jail and beaten in jail. He’d be lucky to survive until the trial. Now, she’s a rapist, and a murder (albeit not in the law’s eyes – God, otoh, may have a different opinion.)



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