First blog post

Getting started…


This blog is intended as a catch-all for topics of interest to me, and topics that might be helpful to my children going forward. If they’re of interest to you, all the better. A few of the topics in the rumination mill (in no particular order):

  • Immigration, mostly the legal variety. This has been an area of interest since my employeer began staffing-up with H-1b’s many years ago. At that time, it was one of the most opaque, and brilliantly obfuscated topics I’d ever researched. It was also one of the first times I found myself (a life-long constitutional republican) in the same political bed with big labor and some liberal democrats. One of the first documents that was helpful comes from the AFL-LIO’s Department for Professional Employees, and is entitled Gaming the System (pdf.) While it carries its own biases, it does define terms, point-out loopholes, and does a good job of educating the reader. Additionally, I follow the blog of Norm Matloff. A CS professor at UC Davis, his insights are excellent, and his penchant for sound research is refreshing. The Center for Immigration Studies is also excellent, and there are many other good sources. That said, the profit motives for business are obvious; the motives for the political class less so. Until Mr. Trump gave a voice to the immigration issues, only a few programmers, The Programmer’s Guild, and a few others even cared. Thankfully, that is all changing now.
  • Marriage, Divorce, parental alienation, feminism, and all that encompasses, mostly from a religious perspective. Before the state got involved in marriage, it was a religious construct. As such, it carries the weight (and baggage) of words like “should” and “God’s plan”, and so on. Divorced 13 years ago, and deeply religious at the time, it was very important to examine myself, my former wife, our religion, and the society within which all that existed to see if I could  understand the fundamental forces at work that led to that terrible outcome. This journey is a work in progress. It has been frustrating at times, but never abandon. It has led through the world of the men’s human rights movement (if you have not visited that world I encourage you to do so. I can recommend A Voice for Men, and the National Coalition for Men.) Neither is a perfect place, but there is much to be learned there. For me, both lacked a spiritual component that I need, and that, I believe, are requisite for a successful, large-scale movement. I would also occasionally search the traditional religious works to see if there were insights there, but they never seemed to get it. They were forever blaming men for problems that were not men’s making, and apologizing for women who’s culpability was as plain as the nose on their face. I am still trying to articulate the terms, issues, and first principles, so it is like looking through the fog. Some things look like what they actually are. Some things turn out to be completely different. Occasionally, I would stumble on christian women bloggers advocating traditional marital roles. Lately, I’ve found Dalrock’s Blog. I’m slowly working through years of posts and sifting through his thoughts, and the insightful comments. His work on Reframing Christian Marriage has been very interesting.
  • Flats fishing in Florida. Call it a dream, call it a fantasy, call it my “why”, it sure looks  like fun! I am a fan of the Saltwater Experience. They do a great job selling (in a good way) the flats fishing experience. And, I LOVE blue water. I was born to snorkle , swim, play, and run next to the water, and warm blue water is the best water for all of those things.
  • Shooting .50’s. I love to shoot my .50. I no longer compete, but used to and have a few trophies to show for the work. Unfortunately, there are not many place to shoot nearby, so my skills are getting rusty, and the gun is getting dusty (figuratively speaking, of course.)
  • 1985 Chevy C10’s. A relatively new project purchased from my friend Arthur Mulder (he passed last year.) It has a 350 crate motor with a cam, intake, and carb. Once the trans is replaced, I’ll return to the process of freshening the interior and a general light restoration.
  • C5 Corvette’s. The ‘electrical comedy’, I call them. I have a 2000 convertible in pewter with Z51 suspension. It currently has a P1518 (Throttle Actuator Control module error), that is going to require professional help, methinks. It is sitting until I can get the C10 operationally reliable.
  • Disc Golf. I haven’t thrown a disc in a couple years, but I used to compete at the local tournaments. Never won anything, just enjoyed playing, and liked the regular exercise and solitude.
  • Strengths and personalities. This started when my boss asked me to take a Strengthfinders evaluation. I did that and it was very helpful in understaning myself. I’ve also taken the Meyers-Briggs tests. I am an INFJ – a bit of an odd fish, but I already knew that. I’d like to see my children follow this path as it will help them with many of the decisions they face in the years ahead.
  • Trading: I have been a student at Online Trading Academy since the Summer of 2014. I suck at math, but I’m pretty good at recognizing patterns on charts 🙂  A thoroughly challenging endeavor, this will hopefully be my new career. I traded a simulated account until I was consistently profitable. I’ve been trading real money since August of 2015 with a 7 month break to help take care of Arthur and his estate. I restarted in April of 2016. I’m consistently profitable again, and looking forward to continuing my growth and increasing my profitability.

Opening the Box

I love all things military (well, most of them.) I grew up at the end of a runway never understanding why people complained about noise from airplanes. There was an article today over at the Conservative Treehouse about President Trump meeting the people from The Wounded Warriors Project. It seemed like a good time to refrain a familiar letter from the movie, Act of Valor.

Remember, you have warrior’s blood in your veins. The code that made your father who he was is the same code that’ll make you a man he would admire, respect. Put your pain in a box. Lock it down. Like those people in the paintings your father liked, we are men made up of boxes, chambers of loss and triumph. Of hurt and hope and love. No one is stronger or more dangerous than a man who can harness his emotions. His past.

All (mostly) that is wrong in two paras

From Breitbart: http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/01/13/teen-impregnated-teacher-gets-10-years/

Court documents revealed Vera met the boy during a 2015 summer school session at Stovall Middle School where she taught. Prior to any sexual misconduct, the inappropriate relationship started over social media.

Uh, oh, social media in the middle of another dust-up… A post for another time…

The boy tried to reach her on Instagram. Vera later messaged him after he missed class. This led to the student asking for her phone number.Vera claimed the boy’s parents supported the relationship and were even happy when she reportedly announced her pregnancy to them.

Give the young man some credit. He has some game. But, I can see the, “it’s all his fault” posts being edited already.  Then there is the deflect/divert tactic, “Vera claimed the boy’s parents supported the relationship…” What the hell does that have to do with anything? Does it make it okay for her to consume this young man like a bag of chips. But wait, oh, he’s only 13 years old. Well he can be tried as an adult, can’t he?

Um, no.

She believed she did nothing wrong because she just fell in love, according to court documents.

Read that a couple of times. Where do we go from there? Mental illness? She’s 25 years old, fer christ’s sake, can’t she do better than a 13 y/o? I bet if she walked into a bar and announced, “I want to have sex, any takers?” the line would form on the left, or maybe they’d just head to the ladies room.

She allegedly had an abortion once school authorities began questioning her about the improper relationship.

This is rich. It was his child too, no? Did she consult him? “…honey, I think we should kill our baby, our child…” Nope. And, once the school authorities start questioning her, shouldn’t she be…. arrested? Go to jail?  If she were a he, and the student was a female, he’d be beaten on the way to jail and beaten in jail. He’d be lucky to survive until the trial. Now, she’s a rapist, and a murder (albeit not in the law’s eyes – God, otoh, may have a different opinion.)